Worth every chigger bite, tick and poison oak rash

July 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This past Sunday I got to take some pictures at the Summer Solstice 3hr/6hr mountain bike race @ Allatoona Creek. It was very fun but a super hot day! I made a crazy decision to hop in a chigger/tick/poison oak bed to see if I could get some cool shots (probably not the wisest decision as my thigh is like 2x its normal size. but I am pretty pleased with the results! :)

Here is my Favorite one: 

Kevin got a photographer in action shot of me doing this nonsense:

I was NOT the race photographer but my friend Steve of H&H Multimedia was! Please check out his awesome work and images at: http://www.hhmultimediallc.com/  and buy his photos!!!

Since I know I'd be curious if I saw some fools at a race popping out of bushes like Elmer Fudd or the dog off of Duck Hunt the video game with a camera, and I'd want to see the photos, here is mine: Summer Solstice 3hr/5hr mtb race 2015

Enjoy! Happy Thursday and I hope you have a great and safe 4th of July!! :D


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