Photography is everything I wanted choreography to be.

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When I was a young child,  there was this game trying to be some sort of roulette game for kids at my elementary's school spring fair. There was this stuffed animal fish prize  I wanted ( because I've always been a redneck). I kept playing the game even though I kept losing. It got to the point where it became crazy and the lady finally gave me the fish. I guess maybe even in my own head I knew something was a little bit off about me. 

I was asked last night about what was my most favorite thing about having this business this year. I didn't have one direct answer, of course. My mind keeps drifting off to the shady folk who kept swirling around me with their naysaying foolishiness like Flotsam and Jetsom from the Little Mermaid. You'd be surprised in how many people get negative when you grow the balls to do something on your own. I reckon that's been my whole life story though. The certain nut and bolt or even screw that should be in my head that makes folks want to be like everyone else has never been there for me. I certainly never take the easy way either! 

That brings me back to what was my favorite thing about 2016: Rich Dillen

Thank you Mountain Goat Adventures for having me and being the first folks to give me a shot, can't wait for next year! Also a thanks to Roost Racing for letting me come out and test  new territory and trails! 

 I feel all this anger and hatred bottled up in my heart, I feel like only racing cures me.  I hope I get to race a time or two next year myself (if I can stay healthy long enough). 




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